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What is Snus ?

is a moist powder tobacco product originated from a variant of dry snuff in the early 19th century in Sweden; consumed by placing it under the Uper lip for extended periods of time. General is a popular brand of Swedish snus (snuff) .
Snus is a spit free, smokeless tobacco product that tucks discreetly under the upper lip. The rising popularity of swedish snus as a smoke-free alternative has made it the fastest-growing form of tobacco in the U.S. and now in Canada

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. What is Swedish Snus?
A. Swedish Snus is a moist to semi-moist, oral smokeless tobacco product used behind the upper lip and that has been used by adult Scandinavians for generations.
Q. How is General Snus different from other portioned smokeless tobacco products?
A. General Snus is sold cold, sealed for freshness, and is spit free, for discreet smoke free experience.
Q. Do i need to spit when i use General Snus?
A. No, When you finish using Snus, you can dispose of the pouch into the nearest bin using a napkin.
Q. Do I need to chew General Snus?
A. No, Snus is simply placed under your upper lip and it is not chewed.
Q. What ingredients are in General Snus?
A. General Snus contains select premium tobaccos.
Q. How is General Snus Produced?
A. General Snus is produced using a heating process that prolongs freshness.
Q. Why is General Snus sold refrigerated and have a foil seal in its packing?
A. To Maximize Freshness.
Q. What is the best way to store General Snus?
A. Before opening, you should chill the Snus in a fridge to help maintain the freshness, moisture content, and taste of the product. You don’t need to keep it refrigerated after opening.
Q. Is Snus harmful and addictive?
A. Snus is not a safe substitute for Cigarette Smoking. Experts have concluded that it is addictive and cause disease. However, public health advocates and respected scientists have recognized that evidence from Sweden, mainly in the form of epidemiological studies, suggests that snus presents significantly less risk of individuals than cigarette smoking. For further information on this topic, please contact Health Canada or you may speak with your doctor.
Q. Where is the Best Before Date located on general snus can?A. This Date is printed on the bottom of each can reads in the format of day/month/year.



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