Hookah Pen - Shisha Pen - Electronic Shisha ,Burnaby,Vancouver,BC

Now We sell Hookah Pen – Shisha Pen – E Hookah Pen  – E Shisha, Hookah Stick and also called Electronic Shisha, Burnaby,Vancouver,BC With Seven Flavors. – (For Shisha Pen / Hookah Pen Wholesale contact Nick)

If Cigarettes have gone electronic, then why not hookah? Yes, Pick N Pay, Burnaby,Vancouver,BC now sells e Hookah pen and also called Hookah pen / Hookah Stick or electronic hookah.
Our Disposable E Hookah Pen – Hookah Pen or Shisha Pen is 100% Free of Tobacco, Nicotine, Tar , Charcoal and is a healthier, Portable and Pen style e hookah pen an alternaive to traditional hookahs and can be used almost anywhere. Remember you must be 19+ to buy Hookah Pen or any other tobacco product from Pick N Pay – One Stop Shop – Call 604 421 6419
Now, Hookah smokers no longer have to look out a store that sells Shisha and Charcoal. Hookah users know ,how difficult it is to prepare the hookah in a specific process one must go through before anyone can puff on it. Pick N pay Hookah pen last for about 500 to 800 puffs. And there is no chemical or tar, charcoal is produced by hookah pens and the inhaled smokes is just a water vapors – The majority of e hookah pen – shisha pen or electronic hookah are free of nicotine.
Pick n pay Hookah Pen is ready to go as soon as it is acquired. Simply put the tip between your lips and slowly inhale. Shisha Pen will automatically heat up the liquid in the hookah pen and transform it into vapor, so that vapors are inhaled instead of smoke. Disposable hookah pen cannot be refilled and should be tossed when hookah pen stop lighting up.


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