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Official Retailer of Best Valve Vac, Vacuum Purge, Closed Loop System, Vacuum Pump, Bho Extractor & Vacuum Oven


One Stop Shop for all your Oil Extraction and Growing Needs. Now you can buy Vacuum Oven/ Vacuum Chamber / Vacuum Purge at Pick n Pay – Smokes – Head Shop – Hemp Store , Burnaby, Vancouver,BC.


We are official Retailer of Best Valve Vacs. We Sell Vacuum Purge,  Closed Loop System, Vacuum Chamber ( 2.75 qtp / 1.5 gallon / 3 gallon / 5 gallon, 10 Gallon ), Vacuum Pump (3 cfm / 4 cfm 2 stage pump, 9cfm, 10 CFM Mastercool), Vacuum Oven (0.9cuft / 1.9cuft / 7.5cuft),  Closed Loop System. bho exactor, Digital Heating Pad & Vacuum Pump Oil.

Vacuum Oven, Closed Loop System, Vacuum Chamber & Vacuum Pump Vancouver,BC


ALL units are intended for LEGAL purposes only, to be used in accordance with local laws and ordinances. Use only in extremely well ventilated areas. Check with your local fire marshal for guidance when operating indoors.

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