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The CRAFTY’s compact construction with a single Lithium-Ion Battery Power is complemented by a practical one button control: You turn on the CRAFTY with only one keypress. It then heats up automatically until it reaches the default set basic temperature of 180° (356°F). With a double-click on the button, you activate the booster temperature of 195°C (383°F). When the set vaporization temperature is reached, it is signaled through a short double-vibration and the LED-indicator lamp: The LED changes the color from red to green.

With the CRAFTY, as well as with the MIGHTY and PLENTY, vaporization functions on the basis of a full hot air convection heating combined with conduction. The convection heating provides an immediate and continuous vaporization, whereas the conduction ensures that there is vapor created from the very first breath.

The Filling Chamber, which is integrated into the Vaporizer, is to be filled with plant material (this is facilitated by the included Filling Aid) and the Cooling Unit with Mouthpiece is to be attached. The Cooling Unit makes sure that the vapor cools down and guarantees optimal flavor and a rich aroma.

The CRAFTY is the smallest STORZ & BICKEL Vaporizer with a size of 11.0 x 5.7 x 3.3 cm (4.3 x 2.2 x 1.3 inches) and a weight of 135 g (0.3 lbs)

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– $599.99 + Tax ( Total CAD$ 672.00) + FREE Shipping in Lower Mainland , Vancouver,BC



The most well-known vaporizer. The Volcano Classic revolutionized the world of vaporization. The Volcano Vaporizer Classic is an advanced essential oil and herbal blend vaporizer.  Through its patented technology, the volcano vaporizer removes toxins and other harmful byproducts through a vaporizing process which intensifies the effects of the active ingredients released through the vapor by approximately 75 percent. This German hand-crafted unit features advanced technology that circulates air enriched with the active ingredients of the desired substance.


– Made of Food Safe Aluminum Heating Block
– Advanced Engineering and Quality Standards
– Independent Temperature Fuse, Air Filter & Silencer
– Vaporization can be set between 266 and 446 Fahrenheit
– Strong Diaphragm Pump
– Includes Solid or Easy Valve Set
– High-performance Heating Cartridges


    VOLCANO DIGITAL VAPORIZER –  $750 + Tax ( Total CAD$ 840.00) + FREE Shipping in Lower Mainland , Vancouver,BC


Volcano-Digital-SolidValve-vancouver-burnaby-new-westministerLike Volcano Classic vaporizer, the Volcano Digital Vaporizer is one of the most renowned, well-respected and advanced essential oil and herbal blend vaporizers offered on the market today. The Volcano Digital is known industry-wide as the highest quality forced-air vaporizers,  which utilizes the same smooth cone structure, utilizes its patented technology to remove toxins and harmful byproducts through a vaporizing process which intensifies the effects of the active ingredients released through the vapor by approximately 75 percent.  An advanced electronic control system accurately regulates temperature, allowing a differentiation between actual and desired heat.



– Large Digital LED Display
– Precision Advanced Electronic Air Temp Control System
– High-performance Heating cartridge
– Automatic Shut-Off Feature
– Include Sold or Easy Valve Set


– $370 + Tax ( Total CAD$ 414.40) + Free Shipping in
lower Mainland, Vancouver,BC


Plenty-vaporizer-surrey-burnaby-coquitlam-vancouverThe Plenty Vaporizer is a powerful and robust handheld vaporizer. The heat ex-changer has a double helix resulting in quality heat transfer and amazing vapor.  The highly efficient stainless steel cooling coil ensures a pleasant aromatic experience and the vaporization temperatures range from 130 to 202 C. The Temperature in the filling chamber is shown by an analog thermometer and the bi-metallic regulator ensures safe operation, with independent temperature control and automatic switch-off.

– Quick Heat Up time
– Stainless Steel Cooling Coil
– Automatic Shut off Feature
– Handheld Design
– Accurate Temperature Control System
– Stores Bickel Quality assurance


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